Products of FAAZ INTL

Being a “DuPontTM Kevlar®-Authorized Licensee” we use the finest grade of cotton to make denim fabrics and then line these with the world’s toughest DuPontTM Kevlar® fibers. These innovative fabrics are then sewn into apparel scientifically designed to offer protection at all “cresh” or “exposure” points.

Our reinforced jeans with protective lining are resilient and robust. These are extraordinarily strong, tough and significantly limit the risk of injury to the user.

The science behind the jeans lies in the lining underneath the premium denim exterior shell. This DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber lining is gentle to the skin, flexible, supple and of course fully non-allergenic. This helps provide outstanding safety with excellent comfort at high speeds or in the workplace alike.

We take pride in our ability to make products of any design, color and style of apparel to our customer’s specifications and deliver it competitively.